Top Ten Things for When Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

Top Ten Things for When Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

Deciding on the right web hosting provider for your websites is not an exact science. Each has a different budget and a different set of priorities. That being said, there are some common characteristics that you should keep in mind when shopping around for the supplier of your choice. These factors include customer support, web hosting prices, plans, growth options, and also the ability to scale with your blog or business. Not all websites are created the same, and neither do web hosts. Keep all of this in mind as you go through the list of things to consider when choosing a web hosting provider.

1. Reliability:

By far, head and shoulders above all other factors and considerations, the one thing you should prioritize when choosing a web host is reliability. Nothing else will matter if the web host uses unreliable hardware and offers an unreliable connection. Your website is not worth much if visitors cannot access it.

You want to find reliable web hosting from a company like CoolHandle that prioritizes uptime. This is because they offer an incredible 99.999% uptime guarantee, which means your website will very rarely (if ever) experience reliability issues.

Part of this is made possible by the included Content Delivery Network (CDN) that comes with their hosting plans. CDN is used to “deliver and create effective global delivery of content for websites”.

2. Storage and Bandwidth:

If you are just starting out and have a fairly modest set of needs, these two factors won't be that important to you. However, they will become more and more important as you find that your storage needs increase (as you load more media, for example) or as your bandwidth needs increase (because you start to receive more media. traffic).

It can be very frustrating to hit your cap on either of these metrics as it means you may not be able to download any more content or, worse yet, people's will no longer be able to access your. site because you run out of bandwidth! That's why it's great that all shared hosting plans with CoolHandle offer unlimited bandwidth.

3. Security:

You want your data to be as safe and secure as possible, not only for your own good, but for the good of your visitors and customers as well. This is especially important if your site deals with personal information, as might be the case with an e-commerce site. Even if it isn't, you don't want to leave your website vulnerable to hackers who can destroy or take it back.

Be sure to check with your potential web hosting provider if the servers are adequately protecting against viruses, malware, potential hackers, and other possible threats.

4. Performance:

Increasingly, one of the main factors that Google considers for search engine rankings is page load time. If your website is taking too long to load, Google recognizes that this results in a poorer user experience and therefore your website will rank lower. Even taking SEO considerations into account, you want to deliver the best possible user experience.

Along with excellent uptime and stability, you want to make sure that the servers (and connections) your web hosting provider uses are as fast as possible. Faster response times are obviously highly preferred.

5. Support:

In an ideal world, you might think that you never need to contact customer or technical support for your web hosting account. To some extent this can be true, but you also want to be sure that the support is there (and high quality) when the need arises.

While you certainly want to be able to seek support through various means and get the answers you need, there is also a lot to be said about providers who help you help yourself. A good example with CoolHandle is the huge library of video tutorials offered through the knowledge base on the site.

Don't know how to configure Content Management System (CMS) in Magento Commerce? Want to learn more about how to change your headers or manage plugins in WordPress? Need advice on how to use cPanel or any of the available webmail clients? Videos are available on all of these topics and more. It's like having free access to a tutorial or on-demand training!

6. Value:

Note that I didn't say "cost" or "price" here, as just buying the cheapest hosting plan possible probably means you'll have to put up with some serious compromise. Instead, it makes a lot more sense to look into hosting plans that deliver the value you desire. Does he tick all the boxes? How does it compare to other plans in the same price range?

7. Features:

Once you've covered all of your basics, like reliability and bandwidth, it's time to make sure that all the features you desire are included in the hosting plan of your choice as well. Will the plan support the CMS or any other software you need? Will you have the proper access to make the desired configuration changes? What about FTP accounts and subdomains? Can you get SSL if you need it?

8. Bonuses:

It's perfectly understandable that web hosting companies, like any other type of business, would want to entice you to sign up with them. They want to give you something beyond what you might find elsewhere. It's like the “gift with purchase” promotions that you might see in retail stores or with online purchases.

With CoolHandle, you get perks like free website migration and automatic nightly backups, both of which can provide incredible peace of mind. If you get at least the standard "business" shared hosting plan at $ 4.95 / month, you also get $ 250 in marketing credits. It should also help you promote your site.

9. Track Record:

When it comes to something as essential as web hosting, you don't want to leave that responsibility to some random overnight operation. It is not worth taking risks. You want to use a proven web hosting provider that shows it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. CoolHandle has been around for over 15 years, which is an eternity in internet time.

10. Community:

There is something to be said about supporting a business whose ideals match yours, a business that you know is doing good in the community.

CoolHandle donates its time and resources to charitable organizations and also recognizes the importance of protecting and caring for the Earth. In short, "CoolHandle cares" and you should care that they care.

When it comes to finding a reliable web hosting solution for your site or blog, be sure to visit Coolhandle and consider them your choice for quality web hosting.

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