Top Ten Google Adsense Tips for maximizing your earnings

Top Ten Google Adsense Tips for maximizing your earnings

Follow  the top ten Google AdSense tips given below and find out your earnings growth without any risks or violating any AdSense tips.

AdSense is one of the most popular methods of earning money on the internet and perhaps among the easiest ways for those who do things correctly.

By doing things properly I suggest following criteria and practices which are in accordance with AdSense guidelines however at precisely the exact same time can contribute in maximizing your revenue and earnings.
So, let's see below the most important AdSense tips that can allow you to attain that.

1. Don’t violate any AdSense Guidelines:

I've mentioned this 3 days up to now in the article and we're only in the very first AdSense tip but it's important that whatever you do to improve your earnings is not against those guidelines. You can read the full guidelines here however generally prevent:

How to Get Accepted to Google Adsense

Clicking on your own ads for any reason (even examining them)
  • Buying clicks or traffic
  • Making the advertisements not look like advertisements
  • Showing only the ads to the consumer and no content
  • Asking your buddies to click the ads
  • Adding the ads on site that have improper content (adult, alcohol, gaming etc)

2. Use Responsive AdSense Units:

We made a number of tests and all tests show (more information to be printed in coming posts) that responsive sites with responsive AdSense units perform better than non-responsive sites.

In case you've got a responsive website then you are able to replace your advertisements with Responsive AdSense Units. This means that with respect to the available ad space, AdSense will show the most appropriate ad (either in size and kind ).

Especially for mobile sites, you will soon realise that the 300×250 on mobile performs better in comparison to the conventional 320×50.

3. Place your advertisements where users could view them:

The job of the ads is extremely significant and can make a major difference in clicks and earnings.

It's always better to have the ads above the fold (that is the area users view without scrolling) but if this isn't possible then attempt to possess the ads from the primary content of the page rather than the sidebar.

Caution: Google punishes websites which have too many advertisements above the fold therefore if you choose to put in the ads in the main content take action in the conclusion of the report.

4. Publish Content more often:

Based on the form of website, you may opt to publish content more often.
The notion is that frequent publishing will generate more visits to your site and much more visits will obviously generated more AdSense clicks and earnings.

5. Make your website load faster:

It's proven that faster websites result in more ad clicks so if you optimize your website's rate this will gradually boost your earnings also.

Avoid using a lot of images and eliminate any images which don't add value to the consumer encounter but slow down the site.

6. Remove other ad networks:

If you wish to generate more from AdSense subsequently you can remove any other advertising networks and operate AdSense only.

This will not only make your site load faster but also it provides more visibility to the AdSense ads which will result in more clicks and earnings.

Certainly many ads does not mean more revenue so it's always preferable to stick to the 3 advertisements per page (even when you're not using AdSense).

7. Find your Adsense Referrers and improve them:

When you connect your Google Analytics account with Google Adsense, you can go from Analytics and determine which referrers generate your AdSense earnings. It is possible to observe that beneath Behaviour -> AdSense -> AdSense Referrers.

Possibly visits out of Facebook or other sociable media networks generate AdSense revenue when they see your website so it is a good idea to work on those and increase your presence so as to secure more visitors and revenue.

8. Use standard ad sizes (both text and image):

When setting up your advertisements utilize the dimensions recommended by AdSense as becoming the most popular. These are 728×90, 336×280, 300×250 and 300×600. Other dimensions might have less need from advertisers and this will cause reduced earnings.

Also, ensure that your ads are set to reveal both text and images as this will raise the quantities of advertisers competing to get your own ad spaces and will lead to better earnings per click.

9. Use AdSense experiments to Check different ad variants:

Among the qualities of AdSense that is not well known to customers is AdSense Experiments (found under My Ads in your AdSense account). With experiments you are able to examine various variants for the identical ad spot and see which one performs better.

For instance you can test different link colours, border or no border . This attribute is extremely easy to use and you'll be able to tell in a few days which of your ads are better performing.

10. Don’t make your website look like it Made for AdSense (MFA):

AdSense is designed to improve the user experience (and it actually does in many cases) by showing relevant ads that may interest the consumer.

That does not mean that your site should focus on the advertisements but nevertheless your attention ought to be about the user experience and higher quality content.

AdSense is a way to market your content rather than the reason for your website's presence.


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